Qebh-t Heqet: Heqet's Sistas Restoration Santuary

hair symbolizes water and death in Khamir_kherouef_cb_64-www-osirisnet-net_edite


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Grieving Woman.



Giver and Restorer of Life. Protector of Women and Women's Mysteries


 Woman being nourished.

In Khametic language, "Qebh-t" means "Place of coolness; refreshing bath; sanctuary."


AKERU Temple provides a place of healing restoration and nourishment of body, mind and spirit for women in the NY/NJ/CT PA area, and women across the country seeking a personal pilgrimage. 


Many women today become burned out from their jobs, homes, relationships, and other life challenges that chip away from the vital Life Force. Keeping the holistically balanced in mind, body, and spirit helps to prevent illness.


Sistas, if you need a safe haven to drop in for a few hours to rest, recharge, get your head together, get a break from family, meditate in silence, or to be nourished with a good meal while receiving guidance and counsel, or if you need a safe space to unburden your heart to a trusted Elder advisor, Heqet's Santuary is for you. If you are grieving, or experiencing deep trauma and need a few days to release and relax your mind, we are here.


Heqet's Sanctuary follows in the tradition of the ancient Wise Women's Mysteries, when Sistas would help restore one another to wellness. Remaining strong, centered, and at peace is key to living up to your best self.


Contact Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu at 646-228-1185. If you are in crisis due to domestic violence or mental abuse and need a temporary overnight shelter, call Queen Mother Imakhu for further counsel. If your life is being threatened please call the local police.   If you are struggling with a serious addiction issue, call so you can be guided and directed toward getting the most beneficial help you need.



Heqet's Meditation Room.                                                                         Heqet's Restoration Temple. At right is Het Hru's Tree of Life.

A special note from Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu:

"I wish to give thanks and praises to my spiritual father, GrandMaster Kham, for teaching me the importance of creating a safe haven neighborhood place for people to drop in, quietly meditate, or seek spiritual nourishment. His creation of Serenity Space Meditation Center (414 Marcus Garvey Bvd, Brooklyn, NY) has brought healing and hope to many in his Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, and has nourished many from across the country who have sought his wisdom. GrandMaster, duau to you. I love you dearly."